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Energold, 24-Karat Gold in a Bottle

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500ppm (red) ingredients: 99.99% Pure Gold, Distilled Water, Trace Amounts of Energold Monatomic Gold. 4oz is a sample size and does not have the Energold label.

1000ppm (purple) ingredients: Monatomic Gold, Colloidal Gold (1000ppm), Distilled Water. Please note this product settles. Shake well! 4oz is a sample size and does not have the Energold label.

Colloidal Gold-Silver with Platinum & Copper Spray ingredients: 99.99% Pure Gold (500ppm), 99.99% Pure Silver (20ppm), Distilled water, Trace amounts of Energold Ormus, platinum, and copper.

Energold contains no additives, no coloring, no fillers, and no salts of any kind.


Note: Please perform all your research and be absolutely sure before making a purchase, as these creations involve very expensive ingredients and laborious processes. And, as such, no refunds can be issued. All EnerGold® 24-Karat Gold in a Bottle Monoatomic Gold/Ormus packed in X-ray-proof bags.

Because everyone possesses a unique genetic composition and chemistry, one should consult his/her healthcare practitioner before use and also test for sensitivity, especially, if one's chemistry is modified by medication.  And, if a sensitivity becomes apparent, cease use immediately. 

EnerGold, LLC & Adapt Tech, LLC make no claims on the uses or effects of EnerGold®.  Information on EnerGold® is provided for informational purposes only.  EnerGold, LLC & Adapt Tech, LLC are not responsible for misuse or side-effects as a result of use of EnerGold®, and the consumer accepts all responsibility.   

Made in U.S.A.

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Customer Reviews

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Chelsey G.
Monoatomic Collodial Gold

I started taking this about two months ago and from day one I began feeling the effects of only what I can describe as cellular regeneration. It was like my body was detoxifying from anything bad and began regenerating everything within my body.
I have never felt so clear, connected, aware and more in love with life!! The energy and mental clarity speak for itself when you take this. I will never look back!!
I cannot thank EnerGold, LLC & Adapt Tech, LLC enough!!!!!

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