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Sonnumberfour Glass Drop

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Pure Sapphire Gem Insert

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The Adapt Tech Pure Sapphire Gem Insert, our flagship sapphire design made to last. Crafted from 100% pure sapphire this is our most popular insert in our gem collection.

Made in our Golden Ratio design featuring an extra thick bottom for extended heat retention 

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Navreek S.
Holy Sapphire

Pure sapphire 22mm XL is a thing of beauty; all gas no chazz baby!!

The Real Deal

First insert I bought, got me hooked on seemingly never ending dabs. 11/10

Christopher R.
22XL Save The Beez Edition

I'm so glad to have gotten my hands on this insert, definitely changed my whole perspective on Ingesting CBD Hash. Im quite literally able to heat up my banger and insert, get a snack from the fridge and come back and I'll still be waiting on my dab. Not to mention how much money i save from being able to get the most of my product. This was my first sapphire bucket insert and since my purchase I've made two more "investments" on sapphire inserts and I'm planning on expanding my collection.

Damien F.
The best thing for serious Hashassins

Combined with an XL semi-sphere and a nice bubble cap results in the absolute best hash experience you can experience. Adapt Tech is the best.

Brandon B.
19mm XL pure sapphire

Loved it since I’ve opened my package, second adapt tech gem insert I’ve owned & I still couldn’t be happier! I severed two tendons in my finger and had to have surgery to repair them the same week the insert got delivered, I’ve stayed so medicated using my insert I haven’t even touched the pHARMa drugs they prescribed for pain! Definitely give these guys & their products a shot if you love high quality medicine or just saving material/ money!! Thank you ATGI for another solid purchase

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