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Sapphire vs Ruby

What is the difference?
Which is better?
Why are they so expensive?

These are the top 3 questions we receive on a daily basis.
We'll break it down in layman's terms so the decision process can be made simple:

Sapphire and ruby are both corundum (aluminum oxide) and are nearly chemically identical. Ruby, however contains 1%< chromium which is what makes ruby red. Chromium in the ruby creates a thermo-chromic effect (color change when heat is applied) from red to black.

Fun fact: Ruby is sapphire. It's just called ruby.

Heat from the ruby transfers slightly different than the sapphire allowing for improved vaporization. This also applies to the different colors of sapphire and has been supported anecdotally across the board from our thousands of supporters. 

The price difference between the two is based on the cost of raw material. The overall price of the inserts is determined by how much we get them for- which we purchase at fair trade prices as all of our inserts are made by professionals using the lab grade sapphire and ruby. We strive to bring everyone only the best and believe that our manufactures are entitled to a fair wage for their premium work. 

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