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Quartz Restoration Service (read description)

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This is a service to restore used quartz nails to prolong their overall lifespan. This service may be used more than once to maximize savings while minimizing waste. We un-chazz what has been chazzed, nothing more!

See our before and after photos for examples or our 'Restorations' highlight on IG

We provide free, personalized estimates for every nail 

How does it work?

  1. Select the number of nails you're sending in. Sending in 5 nails? 5 separate, $10 deposits are required. This is how we keep track of how many nails are in your order.
  2. When you complete check-out we send you an automated email with cleaning instructions and a link to our shipping label portal or you can click here and follow the prompts (USA domestic shipping only)
  3. After you've cleaned your nails to be free of any oils, take your package to your local post office
  4. When your package is in hand we will notify you via e-mail
  5. We can now assess the damage on your quartz in-person and give you the fairest personalized restoration prices that you will receive via an updated invoice on your original order
  6. When your restoration is completed we will send you an email with the remaining payment. 
  7. Lead times are currently at 2 weeks
  8. An e-mail will be sent when your quartz is on its with tracking information 

Price breakdown

  • Free priority shipping to us is included with every service
  • $10 deposit per nail you're sending in, each deposit goes towards your restoration total
    • e.g. $10 deposit and a quartz that will cost $50 to restore will require an additional payment of $40
    • The remaining balance must be paid before your nail is shipped back to you.
Regular style nails
Basic damage: $35 - $50 
Standard damage: $55 - $65
Advanced damage: $70 - $90
Slurper style nails
Basic damage: $35 - $70
Standard damage: $75 - $95
Advanced damage: $100 - $150
  • Restorations will never exceed the maximum price of the Advanced service even on the most damaged nail
    • i.e. $90 for regular style quartz and $120 for slurper style nails
    • In our experience, most nails require a standard service or just need touch-ups 


Understanding the damage on your quartz

Base fee$35 minimum per nail covers minimally damaged quartz and quartz that needs a touch ups. This damage is typically small marks, light scratches, and small spots of chazz.

Basic: minimal damage on the inside or outside of your quartz that needs extra attention to detail. This damage is usually cloudy and still semi-transparent

Standard: moderate amount of damage on the inside and usually the outside of the quartz. This damage is usually grey. This is the most common damage we see.

Advanced: severe inside and outside damage. This damage is usually dark grey or black. Damage is rough to the touch and sometimes layered. This damage is difficult to remove. Please see our disclaimer.


Additional services we offer

Chip repairs: Each chip repair is +$30 if you are also purchasing a restoration. 

 If for whatever reason we are not able to repair your chip we will refund you. At this time we do not repair cracks, broken necks, or broken joints.

Need a chip repair only? Click here (please inquire to see if we can repair your chip before purchasing)

Expedited service: $15 extra (per nail) we will expedite your service to a 7 day lead time. If for whatever reason we are not able to keep our timeframe we will refund you. 


    Quartz styles we restore

    • Regular style includes: standard cylinder buckets (fumed, tessellated, opaque, etc.), quartz swings, round bottoms, and slant tops. 
    • Slurper style includes: slurpers, charmers, charms, blenders.
      • Styles we do not restoreEvan Shore nails, QCB trackstars, QCB top shelf, LARGE sized slurpers, control towers, thermal nails, flared bottoms, diamond knots, core reactors, imports
    • Please inquire to see if your quartz can be restored if you don't see it in this list
    • Some nails that we don't restore can be done on a case-by-case basis



          Customer Reviews

          Based on 50 reviews
          Adrianna S.
          Quartz Restoration

          My nails came back looking sooooo fresh and so clean! He even managed to fix the crack/chip on one of them. 100% recommend ATGI!! 🙌🏼

          Exactly as advertised

          Pricing and turn around time was fair. Great customer service. Pleased with the results.

          Veara S.
          Quartz restoration

          Excellent work! My banger looks brand new

          Austin B.
          Not bad

          Great service, the whole process was quite longer than anticipated though . Would use this service again

          Dominic B.

          I sent in a large batch of nails to be restored and couldn't be more happy with the outcome. Definitely would recommend if your not looking to buy brand new.

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