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Tanzanite Sapphire Gem Insert

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Sapphire and ruby expand when heated please note that not all quartz nails are exactly the same internal diameter. There must be at least 1mm of space in between the insert and the wall of the quartz nail or the quartz and/or insert WILL break.

  • 19mm insert requires a quartz banger with a minimum internal diameter of 20mm from top to bottom. 22mm insert requires a 23mm internal diameter from top to bottom.

Know your quartz internal diameter before use!

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The Adapt Tech Tanzanite Sapphire Gem Insert:

A hybrid of Peach Sakura Ruby expertly layered with Blue Sapphire for a truly unique blue-purple hue.

Made in our Golden Ratio design featuring an extra thick bottom for extended heat retention

Made in Russia 

Patent No. US 11,696,597 B2

Experience next level dabbing with sapphire (and ruby) inserts!

When used as directed, our inserts last a lifetime - no replacements needed. Sapphire will never fog, crystallize, or "chazz" up and your gem insert will forever look the same as the day you bought it.

Unparalleled heat retention

Optimize your material for extended use, creating a more efficient sesh with less waste. Maximize savings with minimal waste - it's like putting money in the bank!

Exceptional durability

Unlike glass, sapphire is highly impact resistant. If dropped, your gem is guaranteed to never shatter.

Perfection is our goal

We maintain a strict tolerance level and prioritize quality control. Each insert is carefully inspected by our manufacturer, on arrival, and prior to shipping to guarantee superior product quality.

Special features: 

UV reative

Thermochromic: changes from a blue-purple hue to a deep purple when heated

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sam W.
Absolutely love this thing !

Retains heat better than anything ive ever used, also the taste is crazy

Amaraette R.

Absolutely love the flavor and heat retention of my tanzanite sapphire insert! Can’t wait to get more.

Sam Purus
All that and a bag of chips!

I had been debating getting an insert for almost a full year but never was able to justify the purchase. Finally I decided to bite the bullet and I am never looking back! The heat retention is honestly so good it’s almost annoying, the flavor of each dab was enhanced exponentially, and the sheer look at of it is mesmerizing. If you are on the fence about getting an insert I promise you will not regret the decision. You will get your money back in about 6-8 months just from using less material! I wish I could give this review 10 stars!!!

T. G.
Worth the investment if you care about quality

Bought this to try after using a crappy import insert for awhile. All I can say is I’m already planning on buying another adapt tech and have long since shelved the import insert. The bests bang for buck! Not everyone likes to spend to get the best but a penny invested into adapt tech is a gram saved

Incredible Function + Beauty

My Adapt Tech insert has revolutionized my dabbing experience, truly. Quartz was sometimes tough to get right, even with a temp reader, but the insert lets you go lower than low temp with way more vapor production - even with much less material. The flavor seems to be much more intact too, and cleaning this thing is a breeze with Dark Crystal Clear - back to new immediately.

I’d heard about how great these were, but putting it to use has far exceeded even my highest expectations. I’m convinced inserts are the number one must have item for a great dabbing experience!

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