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Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres
Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres
Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres
Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres
Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres
Product image 1Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres
Product image 2Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres
Product image 3Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres
Product image 4Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres
Product image 5Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres

Faceted Blue Sapphire Semi-Spheres

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Designed for beauty as well as function our semi-spheres add surface area and heat retention to any set up! All sizes fit in every insert we offer from 18mm-22mm, the Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak Pro, and they also work exceptionally well as a valve cover for Terp Slurper style nails. 

Available cuts:

Sol- S

Radiant- S, M, L

Parasol- XL


Carat weight guide for semi-spheres (higher carat weight = more heat retention and surface area):

Carat Weight
XL 7+
XXL 8+

Made in Russia

100% synthetic sapphire

About Our Golden Ratio Design

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Golden Ratio Design:

Golden Ratio inserts feature a thicker bottom allowing for better heat retention and uniform distribution of temperature when dabbing. 

Why are we calling this design the Golden Ratio?

When taking the bottom thickness and dividing it by the wall weight it produces the sum of the Golden Ratio: 1.6 


Throughout history, thinkers from mathematicians to theologians have pondered the mysterious relationship between numbers and the nature of reality. Ancient philosophers, architects and artists alike Plato, Pythagoras and Leonardo da Vinci were all masters of sacred geometry and understood the golden ratio. The golden ratio is the mathematical proportion 1:1.6180339…to infinity. Its mathematical name is phi, but it is also known as the divine proportion, and is the mathematics behind almost everything, being an essential aspect of life itself. Discovered by Euclid more than two thousand years ago since then it has shown a tendency to appear in the most astonishing variety of places, from mollusk shells, sunflower florets, and rose petals to the shape of the galaxy. Psychological studies have investigated whether the Golden Ratio is the most aesthetically pleasing proportion extant, and it has been asserted that the creators of the Pyramids and the Parthenon employed it. It is believed to feature in works of art from Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa to Salvador Dali's The Sacrament of the Last Supper, and poets and composers have used it in their works.

Special Features

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  • Fully polished for easier cleaning and complete optical clarity
  • Each insert varies 2 carats as each insert is hand-crafted
  • UV reactive (Ruby, Amethyst, Magic Amethyst, Sakura Ruby, Sakura in the Snow, Tanzanite)
  • Thermochromic (color changing ability when heat is applied: Ruby, Amethyst, Magic Amethyst, Sakura Ruby, Sakura in the Snow, Tanzanite)
  • GemsCare+ Warranty available to all first quality inserts to view warranty information

Sizing information

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Gem insert sizes:

  • 19mmx17mm (Standard)
  • 19mmx20mm (XL)
  • 22mmx17mm (Standard)
  • 22mmx20mm (XL)

19mm requires 25mm quartz with the minimum internal diameter of 20mm

22mm requires 30mm quartz with the minimum internal diameter of 23mm


  • Semi-spheres fit in every insert we offer from 16mm to 22mm to the Puffco Peak + Puffco Peak Pro

2nd Quality

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2nd quality gems may have one or more of the following: chips, scratches, polishing flaws, size inconsistencies with wall weight, etc. This will not effect the function of structural integrity. Flaws are purely aesthetic. 

2nd quality inserts do not come with a 30 day warranty. Extended warranties cannot be purchases for flawed items.

Instruction & Gem Care Guide

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If you have any questions that are not answered already on the FAQ page message @adapt_tech on Instagram or



  • Sapphire and ruby expand when heated please note that not all quartz nails are exactly the same internal diameter. There must be at least 1mm of space in between the insert and the wall of the quartz nail or the quartz and/or insert WILL break.
    • Example: 19mm insert requires a quartz banger with a minimum internal diameter of 20mm from top to bottom. 22mm insert requires a 23mm internal diameter from top to bottom.
Know your quartz internal diameter before use!
    • If using concentrate out of the refrigerator or freezer allow at least 20 minutes to pass before open the container to prevent moisture. Your concentrate should not make an audible sizzling sound. Do not dab wet or cold concentrate this may cause breaks.
    • Large, hot dabs (above 700°F) are not recommended. If you wish to take a large hottie simply remove your insert from your quartz nail
    • If using a table top temperature reader please keep it mind your dab may be up to 100°F off (550°F may read 450°F for example) this is not due to your device but due to the gauge reading quartz temperature, not sapphire temperature

    The Golden Rules:

    • ALL of our sapphire and ruby products are 100% guaranteed to never devitrify, become cloudy, or hazy. Cleaning is recommended as needed- let your insert get dirty as long as it does not effect flavor.
    Sapphire & ruby will not “chazz” we promise.
    • Never place a warm/hot insert into liquid of any kind 
      • You must wait until your sapphire is completely cool.
    Not hot, not warm, but completely cool
      • Inserts will thermal shock if heated directly or cooled unevenly
      • Never use direct flame on an insert or semi-sphere 
      • Always use a dry q-tip
      • Do not use whole diamonds with your insert. Diamonds must be crushed
      • Never use wet or cold concentrate (your concentrate should never sizzle) 
      • Large dabs are not recommended. Simply remove your insert for large dabs
      • Avoid dropping insert on hard surfaces (this may cause chips)
      • Handling a hot insert may cause burns 
      • If residue adheres the insert to the quartz banger ensure tap it free while cold to release the insert before heating completely
      • For safety allow insert to cool inside your quartz banger after heat cleaning before removing
      • Always dry carb cap and quartz nail before using ANY set up for vaping oil


      19mm or 22mmm banger insert method #1 (no timer or temperature gauge required)-

      1. Heat your empty quartz banger completely
      2. After the quartz banger is hot and completely clean (slightly glowing), drop in the cold insert and continue heating for 7 seconds. Heating beyond 7 seconds typically results in burnt on residue if the insert is dirty and heated past 600°F (315°C) 
      3. Enjoy your dab
      4. Q-tip with dry q-tip
      5. After Q-tipping, remove hot insert carefully by placing onto glass, marble surface or simply a folded paper towel and heat clean your quartz without insert. Do not heat clean insert, as it should stay clean.
      6. For second use: place the insert that should still be hot back into the just heat cleaned banger and wait until sapphire heats up without extra torching. 
      7. You are now ready for your next dab

      Use of method #1 eliminates the need for frequent heat cleaning 

      19mm or 22mm insert method #2-

      1. Heat quartz with insert inside for 45 seconds (15 seconds on the bottom, 15 seconds x2 on opposite sides)
      2. Cool between 1.5-2 minutes or use temperature gauge (550°F & below)
      3. Enjoy your dab
      4. Q-tip with dry q-tip

      Sapphire Insert for the Puffco Peak Pro-

      (this insert works BEST with the new 3D chamber from Puffco)

      • The Golden Rule guidelines at the top of the instructions and cleaning methods also apply to the Sapphire insert for the Puffco Peak Pro
      • Only compatible with the Puffco Peak Pro do not use in original Puffco Peak
      • Insert can only be used with OEM Puffco Peak Pro components. We are not responsible for breaks caused by third party chambers, additions, or modifications. 
      • Before use ensure cap, atomizer, and accessories are free from moisture and isopropyl alcohol 
      1. Place your Sapphire Insert for the Puffco Peak Pro in the OEM chamber. You may pre-load your dab into the insert. For the best possible dab we recommend using a 3D chamber. Original chambers (non-3D chambers) will require an extra heat up to get the insert hot enough
      2. Select any heat color setting for a duration of 45 seconds to 1 minute and heat once
      3. Place your dab in after the heat up is complete 
      4. For a longer dab or if you'd like to continue adding terps you may reheat using sesh mode for your desired amount of time (usually 10 seconds) - the sapphire prevents burning so long as the oil hasn't spilled over. New 3D chambers now come with polished ceramic surface for easier clean up.
      5. Swab your insert and with a dry q-tip and continue seshing.
      6. If needed to remove oil q-tip swab with iso ONLY IF INSERT IS COMPLETELY COOL (not hot, not warm, the insert must be completely cool). Since sapphire does not chazz you don't need to clean urgently, you can keep using the insert so long as the taste is not effected from residual oil.
      • Alternatively, insert may be used as a drop-in insert in either your quartz nail or larger sapphire insert (works best in a 22mm insert). Please see drop-in instructions for full use guide.


      Drop-in Insert- 

      1. Cold load your drop-in insert with your favorite concentrate
      2. Heat your quartz about 45 seconds or longer
      3. Drop in your sapphire or ruby drop-in insert 5-10 seconds after heating
      4. Enjoy your dab
      5. Q-tip with dry q-tip

      Alternatively you can cold start your insert by placing it in the quartz with your dab pre-loaded!

      If you have a drop-in insert this is the method of use you must use

      Using another method is not recommended and may result in your insert breaking

      Because the drop-ins are semi-polished cleaning can be more difficult. To clean ISO works best and may be used if the insert is completely cool and if the oil isn't burnt on. To remove burnt on residue please preform a "soft heat clean" instructions can be found in the cleaning section below


      Semi-spheres/Terp Pearls-

      • The guidelines at the top of the instructions and cleaning methods also apply to semi-spheres and terp pearls
      • Do not place a room temperature semi-sphere or pearl into a hot insert
      • Excessive spinning of semi-spheres may cause chips
      • Spinning semi-spheres without oil present may cause surface scratches if using with an insert, however, scratches can occur without semi-sphere use and are considered normal wear 
      • Semi-spheres have less surface area and are generally safer to use with diamonds and larger dabs of solvent extracts
      • Do not heat clean insert and dab immediately after- you must wait for it to cool to an appropriate dabbing temperature

      E-nail Users:

      • Be aware that the margin of user error is increased by using an e-nail as the insert is hot for longer periods of time
      • Never leave a hot e-nail unattended
      • E-nail users MUST follow our cleaning instructions; there are no methods to cleaning our gems using an e-nail
      • We take no responsibility for products broken using methods outside of the instructions we provide  


      • We recommend using cleaning solutions such as Dark Crystal Clear, Simple Green or Simple Green Crystal, Grunge Off or anything similar. Isopropyl alcohol will not work for this method. Iso will only work if you are swabbing residual oil that is NOT burnt on and only when the insert is COMPLETELY COOL (not hot, not warm, the insert must be completely cool)
      • Heat the cleaning solution to hot tea or coffee temperature. Place the completely cool insert in the hot solution and allow to soak for 5 minutes or until solution has completely cooled. For stubborn areas use a dish scrub pad. Rinse solution off and thoroughly dry before use.
      • We recommend using Full Circle Walnut Scrubber Sponge  as an alternative to the generic green scrub pads that are made with plastic and introduce micro-plastics into our water supply. 
      • Most cleaning solutions are reusable! Save the cleaning solution in a lidded jar for future use.
      • "Soft" heat clean: If there are still dirty areas after soaking and scrubbing place your rinsed and dried insert into your quartz nail. Heat the insert as if you are going to use it for a dab and continue heating evenly using the flame on the quartz only
      • Pay close attention to the dirty areas while also heating evenly. Heat until the dirty areas disappear completely
      • You cannot overheat an insert or semi-sphere, but you can heat incorrectly by heating unevenly. Always heat evenly and never heat directly with the flame
        • If there is a white residue wait until the insert is completely cooled. Remove the insert or gem from your banger. Wipe with cleaning/polishing solution (Dark Crystal cleaner), rinse, and dry completely before use. 
      • Heat cleaning can be done successfully and safely with all of our inserts, semi-spheres, and pearls; however, the margin of user error is greatly increased the hotter the insert is heated. Accidents happen and we take no responsibility for inserts that are broken during heat cleaning.

      Never heat any of our products directly with a flame.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews
        Riga m.
        Beautiful Precious Stone

        Really love these as slurper valves they slow roast the upper ring very nicely

        Michael b.
        Blue sapphire semi

        My new fav, i have pure , green now blue my opinion works the best love everything you guys put out

        Matthew P.
        Another HEATER🔥💎🔥💎🔥

        I can't stop buying these Semi Sphere Gems 🤪 they add such a needed flavor booster and heat retention that helps SLAY those bigger dabs and even help conserve with those small dabs because you can take dabs at a lower temp, so you not only can use less dabs but the dab will last longer then any normal dab with out these bad boys. I can't recommend them enough I plan on buying all the colors 💪🙌🥳

        S N.
        Cool Accessory

        Not something I use every day, but it’s nice to have!

        Nicole d.
        A must have !!!!!!!!!!

        These gems are great to add heat area to your banger. Can’t beat the price either!!!!!!!!!

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