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Quartz Restoration Disclaimer


  • If you are expecting a 100% restoration back to NEW this service may not be for you. We do what we can to the best of our abilities.
  • $10 deposit is non-refundable. Rest assured, if we are not able to restore your nail we will refund your deposit if the reasons are not stated below, such as a design that is not listed in the nails we do not restore section.
  • We do offer a money back guarantee (minus the cost of the shipping label) if we cannot restore to a level that we are proud of or if restoration is not possible
  • Due to the minimally invasive process, some variations in quartz may only allow up to a 90% restoration. Variations in quartz include but aren't limited to: creases, welds, folds, wrinkles, obscure angles, holes, slits, etc. OR damage relating to chips and cracks
  • Weld creases and uneven bottoms are the main reason why a nail cannot be restored fully. If your nail is very dark at the bottom weld you can expect this may remain even after a restoration.
  • Opaque quartz is comprised of tiny bubbles- contaminants gets trapped in these and there is no way to remove the black pitting. If permitting, we may remove quartz in this case, but the result may be similar to the one below.  

Example of a weld crease and opaque quartz chazzing that cannot be restored:

  • We cannot restore the insides of necks
  • If you are not satisfied with our service after receiving your quartz back please contact us; we guarantee satisfaction and are willing to remedy any situation to reach a happy outcome

Example of variation in quartz: Crease where the bottom puck is welded to the wall cannot be restored.

  • We are not accepting the following quartz styles for restoration: Evan Shore nails (case by case basis, please message us photos first before sending), LARGE sized slurpers, Highly Educated control towers, thermal nails, flared bottom, diamond knots, any and all imports. Please inquire to see if your quartz can be restored if you don't see it in this list.
  • Accidents happen: we do our best to return your quartz in the best condition possible, however if an accident does occur where your quartz is broken by us we will provide a full refund of the service deposit and issue 50% of the retail value in form of gift card to our store.
  • Heavily damaged quartz that is textured or pitted can be brought back to transparent, however, may have optical distortion. This is highly dependent on severity. This type of damage can occur on the inside or outside of the quartz.
  • The restoration process will not remove any deep blasting, logos, or etching. We will contact you if we have concerns over blasting removal
  • This is not a repair service. We do not repair broken necks, cracks, or any quartz that isn't in one whole piece
  • Do not send in import nails we will not restore them as it's not a good use of our time or resources. Buy American made!

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