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Quartz Restoration FAQ

  • How are you restoring the quartz?
    • At this time our process is a trade secret. We can assure that our methods are non-toxic and we do not utilize any harsh chemicals.
  • What if my quartz is too damaged to be restored?
    • If your quartz truly cannot be restored to our promise extent we will refund you either fully or partially depending on if we are able to make a sizeable difference. 
  • Where do I send my quartz?
    • You must purchase your service first, afterwards you'll receive important shipping and cleaning instructions for your quartz immediately after purchase. You must follow our cleaning instructions or your quartz will be tossed in the trash. No exceptions. 
  • Why didn't I receive my shipping instruction email?
    • Emails to access your free shipping label are sent immediately after purchase. Check your spam or select your "all mail" or "all inboxes" option. 

-Can I send any quartz nails in?

We offer servicing for quartz that is most commonly used, provided they are not imports. More styles will be added as we refine our process.

At this time quartz options include:

Regular (standard quartz), round bottom, fumed (regular), quartz swings, core reactors, and slurper style nails (including blenders)

Thermal nails and flared bottom quartz will be sent back with a refund (excluding shipping) as we cannot restore these at this time. 

-Can I send my import nails in?

No. Do not send in import nails we will not restore them as it's not a good use of our time or resources. Buy American made!

-How long does the restoration process take?

Lead times: are currently 2-3 weeks

If you would like to expedited processing time on your slurper style nails please choose the expedited service option for a faster 1 week lead time

Lead times start when we receive payment for your nail(s). Please be aware that paid shipping options does not mean your quartz will be restored faster. 

If you are restoring multiple nails with differing lead times please be aware that orders will ship together. In order to get your items back sooner please consider placing separate orders 

-Will the process take away heat retention? Are you taking off quartz?

No. We are simply restoring the surface. No quartz is removed. 

-Will this restore heat retention?

Yes. It is restored to what it was before it was chazzed.

-What is "chazz" if it can be removed?

Chazz is damage on the surface of the quartz.

-Will my banger re-chazz?

Yes, if you chazz it. If you're looking for something that doesn't chazz- sapphire is it. 

-Will this process remove etching, engraving, or fuming?

No. As long as the etching/blasting is DEEP. We will work around surface blasting as it will be removed with our method. 

-Do you do repairs? 

No. This service is only to remove chazz. We will not do repairs or restore nails that are broken (in more than one piece). You may send quartz nails that are chipped or cracked at your own discretion. 

-Can you restore nails that have damage from dropping hot onto carpet, plastics, and other synthetics?

Yes, to the best of our ability. For best case scenario restoration stop use IMMEDIATELY. Take off as much plastic as you can and set it aside. Do not torch. Clean with ISO and send her in. 

-I received my quartz back and it isn't "new" looking? 

As per our disclaimer, we do not promise new quartz. Look at your quartz like a pair of used shoes: they can be brought back, but if you want new you need to buy new. 

Some damage, even from "regular" use is caused by oil on the surface of the quartz being torched directly. Most non-restorable areas on the quartz are found on the outside of the quartz. However, if you're torching the inside this damage can also occur which can create a distortion on the surface and is considered fully restored by our standards.

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