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Quartz Restoration FAQ

What is the difference between sapphire and ruby?
Sapphire and ruby are chemically identical. Raspberry Ruby is red sapphire and Sakura Ruby is pink sapphire, but are simply classified as Ruby.


What is the difference in function between the different colored gems?

All of our inserts function nearly identical to one another because they are all made of sapphire. Differences can most be noticed by the different sizes we offer (i.e different weights of the gems and from 19mm to 22mm). As we have evolved our specifications over the years we've increased the carat size significantly which in turn creates the best heat retention. Currently, our Golden Ratio design featuring an extra thick bottom provided the best experience possible out of any design we've created since inception.

As for different colors, anecdotally, if a person were to own multiple a difference has been noted across the board. Blue sapphires for example are the preferred gem for maximizing flavor, however in general the inserts function the same and are based on weight and surface area. 

Blue Sapphires include: Blue Sapphire, Magic Blue Sapphire, Blue Bottom Sapphire, Tanzanite Sapphire, Sakura in the Snow, Amethyst, and Magic Amethyst. 

Cost differences is based on price of material not function.


Will my insert ever chazz?
Sapphire will never "chazz", devitrify, or become hazy. We guarantee this 100% Drop it on carpet, don't clean it for 10 years; it will never change.

What quartz banger will fit my insert the best?

19mm requires 25mm banger with the minimum internal diameter of 20mm

22mm requires 30mm banger with the minimum internal diameter of 23mm

Do not use a banger that is too small for your insert it may damage both the insert and/or the banger. We take no responsibility for quartz banger breaks. 

How long with the insert last with proper care?
We designed the inserts to last indefinitely when you follow the instructions that we provide.

How long will the insert prolong the life of my quartz banger?
It depends on how you are using the insert. With heavy abuse you may only need 1 or 2 bangers a year.

How long will the insert last without q-tipping?
Technically, you never have to q-tip. Although we recommend heat cleaning as needed, you can heat clean until only "dust" (carbon residue from burnt oil) remains. 

Won't heat cleaning the insert make my quartz chazz faster?
We recommend using an already chazzed banger to heat clean your insert to prolong the life of your daily use banger.

What is the difference in taste between sapphire and other vaporization surfaces?
Sapphire holds heat longer than most dabbing surfaces which vaporizes the terpenes in concentrates at the lowest temperatures possible without burning while also allowing you vape your dab fully. "Waste it to taste it" is a thing of the past. Our sapphire inserts are made of 100% chemically pure, lab-grown corundum which is bio-compatible with the human body. The sapphire and ruby inserts will never absorb organic material and can always be cleaned to look as new as the day you bought it.  In short, the collective opinion of those who have tried sapphire and ruby is- it's the cleanest and the best tasting dab when compared to all other surfaces. Don't just take out word for it you can ask any of our supporters.

If sapphire is harder that quartz why does it thermal shock?
Hardness of materials and thermal shock tendency don't necessarily go hand in hand. Sapphire expands when heated and if the insert is cooled or heated too quickly they can thermal shock. For example if a hot insert is dropped into liquid or if a room temperature insert is heat directly with a torch.

Quartz does not expand when heated and does not thermal shock. However, sapphire and ruby will never become hazy where quartz is guaranteed to.

Can I use the insert in my e-nail?
Yes, this is an option. We recommend setting the heat of your e-nail between 400-550F. Also, ensure there is adequate room for insert to expand- about 1mm.

Can inserts crack from direct heating?
While heating the insert in the quartz will not affect the insert, hitting the insert with direct flame can cause thermal shock from being heated too quickly.

Will there ever be a full sapphire or ruby banger?
Short answer: No.

It is not possible to make a full sapphire or ruby banger because this material cannot be manipulated in a flame. If it were possible, the price would be astronomical. 

Will there be a diamond insert in the future?
Synthetic diamond as an insert is not an option because diamond does not retain heat. Sapphire is the future.

How do I clean the insert?
Visit our insert care guide page for the full cleaning procedure.

Is it safe to use a broken insert?
It is safe to use a broken insert. It will not "explode" or "release" chemicals. We recommend avoiding heat cleaning and over heating as this can cause cracks to grow.

How do I cancel and order?
To cancel a pending order that has not shipped contact or Instagram @adapt_tech all unshipped orders can be refunded in full.

What is your return policy?
Due to the nature of our products we do not accept returns on any item that has left our hands. 

What if my tracking says delivered but my order isn't here?

Unfortunately, if your tracking says delivered and your parcel has not arrived you must contact with the USPS for a refund. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Any other questions?
​Contact or direct message on Instagram @adapt_tech you can expect a response between 24-48 hours.

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